Exploring Freedom Beyond the Sea: Discoveries and Fun Around Us

Freedom manifests in various forms, both in the infinite marine horizon and in the hidden wonders of our inland. We aim to accompany you on an unforgettable journey, where culture, history, art, and pure fun merge to create a unique experience. Let’s discover together the treasures that lie just outside our door.

Enchanting Explorations: The Wonders of the Hinterland

Gradara, wrapped in the most fascinating medieval legends, with its castle standing as a silent witness to ancient battles and immortal love stories. Strolls along the mighty walls, which have inspired poets and writers, offer a journey through time, immersing in an atmosphere imbued with romance and mystery that permeates this enchanted place.

San Marino, a fragment of living history that proudly rises on the ridges of the hills. This ancient state, the oldest and smallest in the world, is steeped in unparalleled cultural and historical richness. Its museums are authentic treasures that recount heroic deeds of the past, millennia-old traditions, and the evolution of a resilient community over the centuries.

The breathtaking panoramas that can be admired from the peaks of San Marino are true living paintings, embracing enchanting landscapes until they reach the infinite blue of the sea.

San Leo, suspended between heaven and earth, is a hidden gem nestled in the gentle curves of the Apennines. This enchanting village, with its impregnable fortress dominating the entire valley below, is a living testimony of a glorious and captivating past.

The fortress of San Leo, majestic and imposing, offers a breathtaking spectacle, not only for its imposing architecture but also for the panorama that can be admired from it.

Urbino, a Renaissance jewel, enchants visitors with its timeless beauty and timeless charm. Every corner of this city tells a story of genius and creativity, evidenced by the stones that make up its courtyards and streets.

The Renaissance palaces that adorn the historic center of Urbino are true architectural masterpieces, testimonies of the exceptional talent of the artists and craftsmen who worked to embellish the city. Every detail, from the elegant window frames to the sumptuous marble portals, speaks of the genius and refinement of the thinkers and artisans who contributed to shaping Urbino’s identity.

Ravenna, city of art and spirit, is a real treasure trove that fascinates and enchants visitors of every age. Famous worldwide for its extraordinary Byzantine mosaics, Ravenna offers an unparalleled visual experience, transporting anyone who ventures through its streets on a journey through time and space.

The mosaics adorning the churches and monuments of Ravenna are authentic works of art, witnesses to the exceptional skill of the craftsmen who created them. The vivid colors and intricate details of these works create a magical and suggestive atmosphere, capturing the gaze and imagination of anyone who admires them.

The Frasassi Caves offer a unique and extraordinary experience, inviting visitors to delve into the depths of the earth and discover underground landscapes that seem to come from another world. This enchanting place is truly a journey to the center of natural beauty, an opportunity to explore hidden wonders and admire the grandeur of nature.

The caves, with their bizarre and suggestive stalactites and stalagmites, create a surreal and magical environment that captivates and fascinates. Every step inside this underground labyrinth reveals new breathtaking panoramas, new rock formations that rise like natural sculptures in an open-air museum.

Rocca di Montebello, shrouded in an aura of mystery and fascination, offers visitors a unique experience full of intense emotions. Situated in an enchanting landscape, this ancient fortress is surrounded by stories of ghosts and age-old legends that captivate the imagination of anyone who ventures within its walls.

Every stone of Rocca di Montebello seems to hold ancient secrets and mysteries, transporting visitors on a journey through time in search of traces of the past. Its imposing towers and mighty walls provide a picturesque setting, while the surrounding landscapes take one’s breath away with their wild and untouched beauty.

Mondavio, nestled among the gentle hills of the Marche region, is a true journey into the past, an unforgettable experience within the walls of one of Italy’s most evocative and well-preserved fortresses. Here, history harmoniously blends with the scenic beauty, offering visitors a unique and fascinating experience.




Fun and Carefree Moments: Theme Parks

In addition to the wonders of the surrounding towns, there’s the opportunity to live thrilling experiences for both young and old by visiting numerous theme parks!

Cattolica Aquarium will allow you to admire marine wonders and its inhabitants up close.

Oltremare awaits with discoveries and excitement, from the magic of the underwater world to adventures with dolphins, in a park that celebrates the beauty and diversity of nature.

Acquafan – refresh and have fun with water slides, games, and pools, in one of Italy’s most famous and beloved water parks.



To become kids again, Fiabilandia is the perfect place! Immerse yourself in a world of fantasy and magic, perfect for families, where fairy tales come to life and the joy of the little ones infects everyone.

Italia in Miniatura, an incredible journey to discover the wonders of Italy, in miniature scale, where you can admire monuments and landscapes in a unique and educational experience.

For animal lovers, there’s Ravenna Zoo Safari, where you’ll experience wildlife in a safari that brings you face to face with exotic animals and rare species, in an adventure that will enchant adults and children alike. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, don’t miss Mirabilandia amusement park, where unlimited thrills and fun await you along with shows and adventures for all ages.




Freedom is a journey, and our hotel is the ideal starting point for exploration.